What is Reputation Management? A Vital Cog in the Business Wheel

Reputation management refers to the practice of creating a good image be that of an individual or brand and safeguarding it against misinformation or attempts to defame. Originally conceived as a part of the public relation exercises to promote brand power, it now encompasses all activities geared towards maintaining a positive image and ensuring that popular impression about you is in line with your goals.

Today reputation management has come to have three important dimensions.

  • Building Reputation: Creating an acceptable, visible and superior brand image that exudes a sense of reliability, trust and efficiency.
  • Sustaining Reputation: Ensuring that the good image created continues to appeal and remain popular without negative perception impacting its acceptability and credibility.
  • Recovery of Reputation: Improving positive visibility by overwhelming rip-offs, misinformation campaigns and attacks that had created a bad impression about the brand or individual image.

Development of Online Reputation Management

The internet expansion coupled with the emergence of social media in the last decade has created new opportunities and challenges, which have a bearing on our understanding of what is reputation management. While the online tools have become critical in our vigorous campaign for enhanced visibility and positive image building on the internet, negative forum posts, social media attacks, rip-off reports and search results online pose a serious risk of hurting individual name and business prospects. This calls for the employment of professional online reputation management experts, who are well aware of dynamic internet trends and proficient in protecting your brand and identity in the virtual world.

Online reputation management captured public imagination in early 2000s as more and more people around the world gained unrestricted internet access. It was then called personal reputation management, online image branding and online identity management, which highlighted the all-encompassing, broad meaning of what is reputation management. In 2007, a report on New York Times highlighted the all pervasive importance of online reputation management and the concept gained quick favour with both individuals and businesses alike.

According to a Microsoft Market Research survey, 70 percent of employers took to online reputation searches before appointing executives during their recruitment drives in 2010. A recent survey by a privacy research organization has also found that more than 80 percent people in developed countries look for online reviews before finalizing on any product or services.

Ace Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management significantly differs from conventional PR management. Our common perception about what is reputation management today is invariably much wider than just fixing Google search results. The technology employed, methods used, significance risk monitoring required and effective expertise it demands showcase a significant dissimilarity from the conventional PR exercises. We at, Ace Reputation Management, fully understands the significance and latest techniques and trends that continue to creep into online image management.

Our online reputation management professionals use a variety of internet tools across a broad spectrum to establish positive brand image and protect it effectively against negative campaigns. They focus on the following as part of their reputation management task.

  • Comprehensive online reputation analysis
  • Search engine promotion
  • Enhancing online visibility
  • Social media reputation management
  • Social networking and blogging
  • Testimonials and forum postings
  • Addressing concerns online persistently
  • Improving brand/ image visibility
  • Continuous reputation monitoring and reputation repairing

Advantage Ace Reputation Management

With years of robust experience in online reputation management, our efforts are directed towards building, maintaining and preserving the good impressions of our clients in the virtual world. We offer Comprehensive online reputation management for professionals, celebrities, brands and businesses. Fast and customized solution is our forte, knowledge of online tools is our speciality and assured commitment to improve online reputation is our strength. We create not just impressions, but an aura of positive reputation that adds muscle to your PR campaign, improve business prospects and create a long, stoutly defended image that inspires all.